Staying at Palazzo Novecento gives the opportunity to take advantage of numerous convention services such as those offered by the Terme di Margherita di Savoia, its Wellness Center and the Beach Club and the Grand Hotel Terme.

Palazzo Novecento is therefore the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable holiday that will allow you to recover your physical and mental balance.


Discover all the services you can enjoy staying at Palazzo Novecento


Terme Margherita di Savoia

In proximity of Palazzo Novecento are the renown Terme, which utilize the most updated sanitary equipment to exploit to the fullest the precious natural resources produced by the “saline,” or salt basins: water and mud.
The “mother water", thanks to its high content of brome and iodine, and thanks to its elevated saline concentration, is particularly effective in the prevention of several health problems relating to gynecology, dermatology, ear and respiratory diseases, and to bones and joints.
The mud matures through the prolonged contact over decades with the “mother water” and become mineralized by the salts contained in the water itself. Rich in curative properties, the mud is especially effective in the prevention and cure of bone and joint diseases as well as anti-cellulite treatments. A peculiar characteristic of the Terme di Margherita di Savoia is the utilization of exclusively natural mud that is never recycled.

The Terme are partnered with the Italian National Health Service.


Lido Terme Margherita di Savoia

Palazzo Novecento is the ideal location to spend your family holidays in relaxation at the beach. A few steps away from the residence is the partnered beach club, which can be found on a wide stretch of fine sand that frames a crystal-clear sea that has won the “Bandiera Blu” award consecutively since 2014.

The beach club offers a wide variety of services to satisfy your demands:
» café,
» deli, relaxation area,
» wi-fi area,
» baby club,
» fitness area,
» wellness area.

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